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Includes guiding, food for the trek and climb, local transport, hotels and camping fees. Does not include the climbing permit (around $600).

January 2-22, 2013

Advanced hiker, beginner climber.
Very good fitness
High Altitude climbing (to almost 7000m)

Max 8 Clients with 2 guides

Aconcagua Climbing Expedition

At 6962m, Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Americas, the tallest peak on earth outside of the Himalayas, and one of the fabled Seven Summits. It is located in the Andes moutnain range, in the Argentine province of Mendoza. The summit is located about 15 kilometres from the international border with Chile.

This climbing expedition will begin in the town of Mendoza. We will then transfer to an Hotel at Penitentes, right outside the Provincial Park. The next day the trek to the base of the mountain starts. We will have many acclimatization days on the way to the summit. A few extra weather days are also built in to increase our chances of success. The climb is technically not difficult. However the effects of altitude are quite real (atmospheric pressure is only 40% of sea level).

Fitness level:
You will need to be an advanced hiker and/or a beginner climber with a very good fitness level, capable of carrying a heavy pack many days in a row. Previous high-altitude experience is not essential but could be useful.

Your guides on this trip

To book or to get more information, please e-mail Félix or call 403-609-1526.