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Skyline Trail: Backpacking in Banff National Park

Hiking, Backpacking & Trekking

El Gato offers hiking and backpacking trips in the Canadian Rockies and the Columbia Mountains. Many other trips are possible such as backpacking in the Yukon and the United States and Trekking in Nepal and Patagonia. Félix also guides for the Alpine Club of Canada and does French speaking tours with Éco Aventure Monde.

Banff's Sawback

Cancelled due to flooding

Jasper's Skyline

July 25 to 27 , 2013
Brazeau Loop

July 31 to Aug 5, 2013

Kootenay Rockwall 

Aug 14-18, 2013

Patagonia, Argentina

Winter 2013-2014
Price TBA