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Includes guiding, food for the trip, camping fees & National Park permits.

July 25th to 27th, 2013

Intermediate hiker, good fitness and ability to carry a 40-50lbs pack.

Max 4 Clients with 1 guide

Skyline Trail in Jasper

Jasper’s Skyline Trail is one of the classic backpacking trips in the Canadian Rockies. Starting at Maligne Lake we traverse the crest of the Maligne Range over the course of three days and finish near beautiful and popular Maligne Canyon.

Highlights include three mountain passes, 25 kilometers of treeline or alpine hiking, expansive 360° views, and the opportunity to see some of the most iconic wildlife left in the Rockies, including grizzly bears and caribou.

Much of the route is high and exposed necessitating the need for a good attitude and good gear if the weather turns foul. Also the season is short, typically mid-July to mid-September. Because of the trail’s popularity, limited season, and the fact that Parks Canada limits the number of visitors on the trail, it is advisable to book as far ahead as possible.

IThis is a tent based trip. Tents are provided (3-men tent per two people) or you can bring your own.

Fitness level:
You will need to be an intermediate hiker with a good fitness level, capable of walking in the hills few days in a row. You will be carrying all your equipment including the tent, sleeping bag and some food (around 40lbs).

Day 1: Maligne Lake trailhead to Snowbowl campground (12km, 450m)
Day 2: Snowbowl to Tekkara campground (18km, 500m)
Day 3: Tekkara to Maligne Lake (14km, 150m)

To book or to get more information, please e-mail Félix or call 403-609-1526.